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We are BOUCHE, your Berlin innovator in the field of fermented drinks. At BOUCHE we are committed to the art of kombucha making and offer a range ranging from kombucha to our unique alcohol-free wine alternative PROXY.

BOUCHE • Kombucha: Where to buy?

Our exclusive selection of kombucha drinks is not only available in our online shop, but also in carefully selected locations. Whether you're sitting in cozy cafes, browsing high-end grocery stores, visiting artisan bakeries, eating at fine dining restaurants, or searching for something special at well-stocked wine shops, BOUCHE Kombucha is there for you. Our interactive map on this page gives you a comprehensive overview of all the places where you can find our products.

Kombucha, where to buy? BOUCHE offers the answer.

At BOUCHE, we firmly believe that quality and sustainability go hand in hand. Therefore, it is our concern to support small local businesses and grow together with them. Every time you choose BOUCHE Kombucha, you not only support our passion for fermented beverages, but also the local economy and craftsmanship.

BOUCHE Kombucha – Available wherever you are

No matter whether you are in Germany or somewhere in Europe, the answer to the question “Where can you buy kombucha?” is always: BOUCHE. Our presence in selected shops and restaurants ensures that you are never far from a refreshing,
authentic BOUCHE Kombucha. Our retail locations are carefully selected to ensure you always have the best kombucha experience.

Discover the world of BOUCHE Kombucha

We invite you to become part of our kombucha community. Visit our online shop or one of our many sales partners. Find out for yourself why BOUCHE Kombucha is more than just a drink - it's a way of life. Where to buy kombucha?
BOUCHE not only offers you an answer on our menu, but also an incomparable taste experience.