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BOUCHE • Establishing New Standards

Kombucha from BOUCHE is created through the interplay of innovative brewing techniques, uncompromising quality and an inherent curiosity about the product.
In 2019 we founded BOUCHE with the aim of setting new standards in the taste and quality of kombucha and redefining existing principles of brewing and fermentation. In addition to the constant search for our own technical solutions, the development of complex taste profiles and diverse aromas is at the core of what we do. We handcraft various types of kombucha and other probiotic, non-alcoholic drinks.

From the intial idea to produce our own kombucha, our own production facility quickly developed. Driven by our deep interest in the product and the fermentation process, we began to experiment and research with a wide variety of ingredients and bioactive compounds. Our studio, where we initially brewed, quickly becme too small to exploit the full potential and possibilities of fermentation and the development of health drinks. In spring 2020, we moved into a former warehouse in the industrial area in Berlin-Marzahn, which we converted into a modern brewery and have been steadily professionalizing since then. This place brings together all areas in-house, from product development and production, to design and marketing, to the implementation of collaborative ideas and projects with gastronemers. Since then, this space has turned into a place where we are able to pursue our ideas creatively, independently and detached from conventions.

Kombucha from BOUCHE is created through the interaction of innovative brewing techniques, uncompromising quality and an inherent curiosity about the product.

Our Kombucha is produced in a closed fermentation without Scoby (Symbiotic Cultures of Bacteria and Yeast, colloquially known as tea mushroom). This special method differs from conventional brewing and industrial contract bottling because we only work with our own developed liquid starter culture. This approach allows us to create exciting, complex aromas and flavors that make our drink unique. We adapt traditional methods of brewing beer and winemaking and integrate them into our fermentation process, which helps ensure that our kombucha is not only delicious but also beneficial for your health. The process we developed, which gives the fermented tea its characteristic flavor profiles, is similar to maceration and represents our brewery's creative approach. Our commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every sip of our handcrafted kombucha.

Insight into BOUCHE's production room behind the striking orange curtain


Behind BOUCHE is a small team whose experience in the areas of gastronomy, cuisine, design and art contributes to the constant development of the products and the brewery. Our products are available throughout Germany and Europe in small cafés, high-quality grocery stores, independent artisan bakeries, fine dining restaurants and selected wine shops. What connects BOUCHE and our partners is a clear product focus, the appreciation and promotion of taste diversity and honest craftsmanship.